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Test FcBioisostere

[2014, May 1st] Try for free the FC-Bioisostere(v1.0.8) software for bioisostere replacement

MEDIT is distributing FcBioisostere software from Felix Concordia since 2012. Today we are pleased to provide this access for evaluation: 

(1) download this compress package at ,
(2) uncompress the file ,
(3) open the FcBioisostere1.0.8_for_eval directory ,
(4) double click on FcBioisostere_CLICK_HERE_TO_START .

The RAR compress file for evaluation includes a database of bioisosteres that was built upon the comparison of 4059 kinase pdb files by MED-SuMo . This evaluation version software cannot save results . More about FcBioisostere on

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