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MEDIT SA (Molecular Extended Distribution in Information Technology) is a privately held software editor company incorporated in May 2003 and operating in the Saclay Scientipole area, France, an outstanding place for science and innovation.

 Innovative Chemogenomic Solutions for Drug Design

MEDIT SA efforts are focused on using structural experimental data as the guideline for drug design. François Delfaud, CEO of MEDIT comments: "Experimental structural data are so far under-used and we are focused on delivering new solutions with high ROI for molecular modelers, crystallographers and medicinal chemists".

We are preparing a new approach of Drug Design with our core technology MED-SuMo. A new high speed and accurate approach to structure based drug design (SBDD) is offered to molecular modelers and medicinal chemists for:

   Searching, browsing and superposing 3D macromolecules structures

   Designing and optimizing drug candidates


 Our Chemoproteomic strategy

Our current and future developments are focused on building a chemogenomic or chemoproteomic drug design solution for:

   Browsing experimental data: crystallographic, NMR and thermodynamic

   Infering new high value data from 1D, 2D and 3D similarities between targets and ligands

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