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A new high speed and accurate approach of structure based drug design is offered to molecular modelers, crystallographers and medicinal chemists


Macromolecules surface similarities detection at PDB scale is a technology breakthrough to discover a wealth of drug design data. Exploit all known macromolecule structures with MED-SuMo

Searching, browsing and superimposing 3D macromolecules structures

Site mining and drug repurposing


MED-SuMo: computational fragment-based drug design protocol

Because local similarities between proteins are more likely to occur than a whole binding site similarity, we've developped a computational fragment-based approach at PDB scale by protein local similarity. It is based on MED-SuMo/MED-Ligand and MED-Portions where a MED-Portion is a new 3D pattern encoding protein-fragment binding sites. These 3D patterns include chemical moieties which are matching molecules from a chemical library and substructures of protein-bound ligand from the PDB. Populate binding sites with MED-Portion chemical moities by target hopping with the computational fragment based drug design protocol.

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