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Evaluate fully-functional MEDIT products to see how you take advantage of our technology for your Structure Based Drug Design efforts. We provide a free access to our latest Graphical User Interfaces with some precomputed runs. The selected targets in these examples correspond to druggable targets and illustrate our most recent published results.


  • Try MED-Filter to merge, standardize and search large chemical libraries by substructure


Get the Graphical User Interfaces with a set of results ready to browse:

  • New release !! MED-SuMo 1.4.18
  • New release !! MED-Ligand 1.0.27
  • Get results of MED-SuMo Fragment-Based: EGFR kinase domain (PDB code 1xkk, ligand FMM)
  • Get results of MED-SuMo Fragment repurposing: cdk2 (PDB code 1wcc, small ligand CIG)
  • Get results of MED-SuMo Epitope scaffold search: HIV GP41 (PDB code 1tji, epitope compared to a subset of 10 PDB files from Ofek et al. PNAS 2010)

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If you want to go further, i.e. set-up your own queries and runs, on your favorite target, goto our contact webpage and ask for a Free trial.

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